KlAnG Project

With the project KlAnG, Kirchentag expands its environmental work by another pillar. In addition to the reduction or avoidance of carbon dioxide, produced within the phase of organizing and during the event, the main task of the KlAnG Project is to test adaptations to minimize negative consequences forced by climate change for outdoor- events. More than 35 measures related to the climate signals heat, heavy rain, storms and thunderstorms, have been designed and implemented within the infrastructure of the 37th Kirchentag in Dortmund. In addition to security and topics of event technology, the main concern is to raise awareness as well as to use existing resources. In this sense it was a special feature of the project that all employees of the Kirchentag Dortmund were able to hand in ideas and concret measures. These ideas were extended by evaluations from a survey which was concepted to ask other organizers of events and representatives of cities and municipalities about their experiences and needs due to climate change.

The KlAnG measures were evaluated in two ways. On the one hand, a quantitative evaluation was made by an external research institute. On the other hand, the practical experiences within the phase of organizing and during the event were collected by the KlAnG Team to publish good and best practice examples on this webpage.

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